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Chavon Shree
Chavon Fortson, the designer of Chavon Shree is an Arkansas native and majored in apparel studies and received a bachelor’s degree in Human Environmental Science from the University of Arkansas. Her first home economics class in middle school was the light bulb moment for her to realize she wanted to be a fashion designer. Just seeing the finish product of the pillowcases and pajama pants they were making was so fascinating to her, so the rest was history from there.
Chavon Shree strides to make women feel like they are classy but can still bend the rules a little bit. She wants women to feel good and free about themselves and not to feel conformed by the world we live in now.
Chavon Shree is a modern hippie street wear women’s line. The clothing includes tie-dye prints, bold fabrics and bright colors. The inspiration for the clothing can come from different paths of life such as sunrises/sunsets, different countries, fabrics, jungle/rainforest, celebrities such as Sade, Erykah Badu, Tracee Ellis Ross just to name a few.
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