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Emerging Designer: Kovas Swim
KOVAS Swim is a custom focused brand based in Brooklyn, NY. Designer Katie Kovas combines fine tailored swimwear with conceptual graphic design in a personal collaboration that fulfills each client’s individual needs. Kovas specializes in applying digital techniques, such as data-moshing and glitch-ing, to client-provided photos and videos. By doing so, every print in the collection exists as a one-of-a-kind interpretation of a person or event. Like a wearable memory.
At KOVAS Swim all fabrics come from American textile mills and are printed with dyes that are not harmful to the environment or the wearer. As a made to order business, we do not carry multiple sizes or over produce. This conscious decision to be custom based is a pledge to our customers (and the world) that looking good and feeling good can be achieved in every kind of body.
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