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Featured Celebrity Designer: Gunnar Deatherage
As a contestant on seasons 9 & 10 of Lifetime’s Project Runway, Gunnar Deatherage was well known for his witty comments, outspokenness, and quirky whimsical aesthetic. His experience on the show came to life on one of the biggest stages in the fashion industry, the tents of the Lincoln Center, where he presented his Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Gunnar has built his namesake brand by creating innovative collections each season and showing the collections around the country in cities like Austin, Portland, Miami, New York, Dallas, Houston, and Birmingham. Gunnar’s shows transport audiences to the root of the inspiration for each collection through theatrical music, distinct styling, and clothing for the “not so every day” person. Gunnar later competed on Project Runway Allstars season 4 where he showcased his talent once again on a televised platform.
He is currently working as creative director for the Voice of Louisville magazine, and Churchill Downs Magazine providing quarterly progressive fashion spreads as well as artful feature covers. In addition to his publications, Gunnar works with bands, celebrities, and various clients to provide private costuming, styling, set design, and creative consulting.
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